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                     ~TUTORING NOTES~
Tuition is the same every month - $300 for online,
payable in advance on the first of each month
by cash or a check made out to REAdbEAR or
(for a small fee) by credit card/through PayPal.
A $20 late charge will apply as of the 7th
of each month, unless prior arrangements have been made.
Since tuition is based on an ANNUAL average of
8 lessons per month, some months will include holidays
with no available credits or makeups.

Any lesson at the student's scheduled time that he/she must
plan to miss is to be made up ahead of time or within two
weeks of returning.

You will forfeit any missed tutoring session if you have not
given notice by 8:00 PM. of the prior day, except in the
event of sudden illness, when up to 2 hours before the
regular time may the session be rescheduled. Being 15+
minutes late without notice also will be considered as a
forfeited lesson.

If you must reschedule, please give as much notice as possible.

Only up to 2 weeks (4 lessons) per 12 months (Labor Day
to Labor Day) may be missed by anyone for travel with
tuition credit, if notifiedby the end of the month before.
Unless prior arrangements have been made, unused travel
days do not roll over to another 12-month period but
expire on Labor Day.

If you text or email about a student's unexpected absence,
always also leave a voicemail on the cell phone. Please
extend the same courtesy for rescheduling when necessary.

If your tutor misses any scheduled lesson without notice,
the student will be entitled to TWO makeup lessons at no
additional charge.

Thank you!


There will be no scheduled lessons or makeups
offered for these dates (see below for exceptions):

August 19-22, 2019                 Mon-Thur               ~ Semester Break
August 26, 20
19                       Monday                  ~New 2019-2020 Schedule Begins
September 2, 2019                   Monday                   ~ Labor Day - no lessons or makeups
October 31, 2019                     Thursday                 ~Halloween*
November 11, 2019                 Monday                  ~ Veterans' Day*
November 19, 2019                 Tuesday                  ~ Grandchild's Birth -( - no lessons; makeups ok)
November 25-28, 2019            Mon -Thurs            ~ Thanksgiving Break - no lessons or makeups
December 23-26, 2019             Mon-Thurs             ~ Christmas Break - no lessons or makeups
December 31, 20198                Tuesday                  ~ New Year's Eve - no lessons or makeups
January 1, 2020                        Wednesday              ~ New Year's Day*
January 20, 2020                      Monday                  ~ Martin Luther King Day*
February 17, 2020                    Monday                  ~ Presidents' Day
April 13-17, 2019                     Mon-Fri                 ~ Spring Break
May 25, 2020                           Monday                 ~ Memorial Day*
July 3, 2020                              Friday                    ~ Independence Day

[Please check back for updates.]


* Lessons are scheduled on these dates. You may choose to take off any or all of them, but no makeups are offered.